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White Stilettos Fashion: Fad or Comeback?

White stilettos

If after looking at these pics, your thoughts are “the 80’s are calling and they want their white stilettos back”, I am with you. If you’re wondering what the hell white stilettos are doing in mainstream fashion, you know the answer: fashion has a sense of resurrection. White stilettos have long been associated with everything that is wrong with the fashion sense of women and as far from elegant as Pluto (Neptune?) from the Sun. Yet, they are making an interesting comeback.

What comes to your mind when you think of white stilettos? Trashy? Tacky? The Essex girl look (For my non-British readers who don’t know what an Essex girl means, read this short Wikipedia entry on Essex Girl)? Common and unelegant? Well, it is time to change these perspectives.

The Guardian recently ran an interesting article on how white stilettos are back in the fashion world and being endorsed on the red carpet by celebrities. Of course if such a piece comes from The Guardian, can the Daily Mail be far behind?

What do you think of white stilettos?





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