• Hare Krishna Parade New York 2014 Saree 01
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    Iskcon’s Hare Krishna Parade in New York’s Washington Square Park

    The Hare Krishna parade in New York is organized by ISKCON, International Society for Krishna Consciousness and is better known in the West as the Hare Krishna movement. In New York, you may have seen them occasionally in a subway or in and around Union Square, where they perform ‘bhajans’ (religious chantings) while dancing. You can’t really miss them if you’re in the vicinity. Being originally founded in New York in 1966, the Hare Krishna movement has now spread throughout the world. Their basic teachings are a form of Hinduism. Compared to other forms or types of Hinduism, the Hare Krishna movement has been exceptionally successful in international expansion. It…

  • Orchard Street Fair Fashion 12
    Street Fashion

    New York Street Fashion: Orchard Street Lower East Side

    Lower east side is a great neighborhood with a wide variety of fashions on the streets. Today was a street fair on orchard street, and this was quite different from regular night life that lower east is famous for. The temperature was 85-90 degrees (Fahrenheit of course!) and near the peak of summer. It was great to see a very diverse group of people with eclectic fashion tastes. Here are some pictures for New York street fashion on Orchard street in lower east side. The View from the Top, between Stanton and Rivington: No fair is complete without the music of course. Here’s the talented comedian and musician Anthony Kapfer…