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    Equinox Ad Campaign 2016: Commit To Something With W+K

    Equinox, the New York based gym and wellness company is back with its 2016 ad campaign from the Portland based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. The shoots are courtesy of photographer Steven Klein. The theme this year revolves around socially responsible causes, with the tagline for the images as ‘Commit to Something’. Over the years, Equinox has evolved its advertising campaign to attract its clientelle better. The earlier versions of the ad campaign by the fashion photographer Terry Richardson were criticized as being too sexualized. Equinox has moved away from hyper-sexualized images in the last couple of years and is continuing that trend in 2016 as well. Also check out Equinox Ad…

  • Equinox ad campaign 2015 Equinox Made Me Do It by Rankin 04

    Equinox Ad Campaign 2015: Equinox Made Me Do It with Rankin

    The Equinox Made Me Do It Campaign of 2015, the Equinox Ad Campaign for 2015 (Equinox uses one ad campaign for each year, that runs from January 1 to December 31), will follow the footsteps of the 2014 Equinox Ad Campaign, in stepping away from ‘conventional’ ideas of beauty and fitness, and moving the ad campaign towards the bold. This time, Equinox chose Rankin, a popular UK fashion and portrait photographer. The theme of bold and different was quite visible in this campaign. Equinox had earlier been criticized for overly glamorizing their ad campaigns, featuring skinny models instead of fit models and focusing more on glamour than fitness. Equinox previously…

  • Equinox ad campaign 2014 Equinox Made Me Do It 06

    Equinox Ad Campaign 2014 with Wieden + Kennedy

    Finally, after 3 years of Terry Richardson, Equinox, the high-end fitness and lifestyle gym/club, ditched him in favor of Wieden+kennedy for their 2014 ad campaign. Fashion photographer and controversy expert Terry Richardson headed the Equinox ad campaign from 2011-2013, and generated a fair bit of controversy with a good bit of sleaze thrown in. In addition, the campaigns generated controversy about using thin instead of fit models. And like most things Terry Richardson, there was always the controversy of using sex to sell things. Also see Equinox ad campaign 2013 and Equinox ad campaign 2012. “We looked to our members as the core inspiration for this campaign,” said Carlos Becil,…

  • Equinox ad campaign 2012 Rejuvination

    Equinox Ad Campaign 2012 with Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson

    Equinox Ad Campaign of 2012 was done by fashion photographer Terry Richardson. The campaign created some controversy as people thought the models were too skinny instead of being fit. This was changed in the Equinox ad campaign in 2013, again by Terry Richardson. Equinox is a luxury fitness company headquartered in New York that has always tried to maintain an upscale image. It caters to the higher end of the gym consumer market and provides many additional facilities to members in addition to regular gym. Equinox does annual ad campaigns to emphasize its brand and from 2011-2013, chose Terry Richardson, the famous (infamous?) fashion photographer to head the campaign. Bonus:…

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    Equinox Ad Campaign 2013 with Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson

    This is the Equinox ad campaign in 2013. Equinox is a luxury fitness company headquartered in New York that has redefined what it means to go to the gym. The club keeps an exclusive, high-fashion image that helps it to maintain quality and prices. No wonder then that they need a great ad campaign to reinforce that image and attract new members. Terry Richardson was criticized for the ad campaign in 2012 by the Equinox members saying that the models looked too skinny. It seems that the Equinox ad campaign in 2013 actually took the fitness more seriously. After all, fit is not the same as slim and Equinox obviously…