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Pink and Pepper Shoes Review

This Pink and Pepper shoes review is meant as a guide for buyers who want to get the best shoes on a budget. Pink and pepper is fast catching up as a trendy, upscale shoe store that keeps prices in check. Pink and pepper shoes aren’t crazy expensive, but they aren’t $20 cheap either. However, for the value they provide, it can be an excellent bargain for the fashionista who is looking to stand out from the crowd, wear something original and innovative and not spend a fortune.

Don’t expect this Pink and Pepper shoes review to be the end of all though, because as a young company, their styles will keep evolving and so will my review. That being said, this is a very good place to start if you want to discover them.

According to their website, “Pink and Pepper are style rebels, never afraid of a little experimentation and always ready to reinvent their look”. I think this is a perfect one sentence summary of Pink and Pepper. They aren’t your run of the mill kind of shoes. They are definitely into experimentation as they suggest here. Even their website is funky and unconventional (although more practically, there is still plenty that can be improved).

In terms of variety, they’ve got everything from trendy heels to fashionable boots, so you can select the style that fits your wardrobe the best. They do have bold styles and designs. They are definitely unconventional. If this scares you, don’t buy them. If, however, you are able to carry it off, whether it be glittery pink with your party dress or looking for a girlish twist to menswear inspired colors and designs.

Pink and Pepper shoes
Some Pink and Pepper shoes that are edgy and chic. Not for everyone, but if you can carry it off, nothing you'll fall in love with them pretty soon!
Pink and Pepper Boots
Some Pink and Pepper boots. Trendy for sure, and perfect for a wide variety of wardrobes.

Pink and Pepper is having a grand opening in SoHo, in New York City on September 6, 2012. SoHo is an excellent neighborhood for such brands to flourish simply because the neighborhood allows for creativity and risks. However, it can also be ruthless. I’ll try to track their progress and report on this.

Pink and Pepper is one of those brands that you’ll either fall in love at first sight or believe they aren’t the right match for you. Either way, they are definitely worth checking out. I am more excited about the future though – if crazy New Yorkers are crazy enough to embrace the bold styles of Pink and Pepper or will it just fade into the background in this ruthless city?

Again, remember that this is an edgy/chic designer label of shoes that can have some people fall in love and some hate it. Which category do you belong to?



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