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Pink and Pepper Grand Opening New York City (NYC)

Pink and Pepper is having a grand opening in NYC on 6th September 2012! I just saw the flier posted right around my home. The grand opening is at 242 Mott Street in SoHo, which is also going to be the store location. It seems they are still getting things in order there. I think it is a great location for them.

For those who don’t know, Pink and Pepper has some amazing shoe collections. Check out the Pink and Pepper shoes on Endless to get an idea of what kind of products they sell (Free 2 day shipping in US, lowest price guarantee. Got to love Endless!). You could also browse through their photos on Facebook, the link to which can be confusing to find on their homepage.

Anyway, here is the flyer that was posted on the wall near my place

Pink and Pepper Grand Opening NYC

I also took a sneak-peak at their location on 242 Mott Street. It is a really cool neighborhood, and the sign of Pink and Pepper is already up and ready on the store.

Pink and Pepper NYC

Are you going to attend this event? What do you think about the location – SoHo/Mott Street? Do you ever buy from Pink and Pepper?

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