• Olga Nothing to Wear

    Interview with Olga Pazilova of Nothing to Wear Shop

    Olga is a fashion entrepreneur, helping women choose their wardrobe at an affordable price. She runs a successful eBay store  – Nothing to Wear for her fashion collections (this is a reincarnation of Rich and Fabulous store that Olga ran for a while). She was in New York to attend a fashion conference and I was able to catch up with her and chat about her business, fashion and tips she has in these areas. Olga has also recently started her own fashion blog that you should definitely check out for latest ideas and tips on fashion. After all, she knows what she’s talking about! Hope you enjoy the interview…

  • Orchard Street Fair Fashion 12
    Street Fashion

    New York Street Fashion: Orchard Street Lower East Side

    Lower east side is a great neighborhood with a wide variety of fashions on the streets. Today was a street fair on orchard street, and this was quite different from regular night life that lower east is famous for. The temperature was 85-90 degrees (Fahrenheit of course!) and near the peak of summer. It was great to see a very diverse group of people with eclectic fashion tastes. Here are some pictures for New York street fashion on Orchard street in lower east side. The View from the Top, between Stanton and Rivington: No fair is complete without the music of course. Here’s the talented comedian and musician Anthony Kapfer…

  • American Apparel,  Dress

    Media Manipulation: Ryan Holiday does it Again!

    For those who do not know, Ryan Holiday is the man behind marketing for American Apparel, and the media strategist behind people/brands like Tucker Max. He gave a Keynote at TNW conference in Europe 2013 about media manipulation. He should know. He wrote a book about it: Trust me, I’m lying Ryan presents a small section of his journey as what can only be described as guerrilla marketing for the information age. He talks about some of his marketing campaigns for American Apparel and how they go picked by blogs and thus by the media. His whole point is to show how easy it is for crap to sell, and…

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    Fashion for Older Men and Women

    Brash like Richard Branson? Photo credit: Business Insider Does Richard Branson personify the ideal style of the man in the 60s? He is, after all, 62 years old. Love him or hate him, you can’t usually ignore him which is what fashion is all about at some level. Not everyone of course can be like him. However, this post isn’t about Richard Branson. It is about men and women and their interest in fashion. And why the younger generation care. The New York Times talks about this in an interesting article. They reference the book Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen quite often. I covered his blog Advanced Style in…

  • Cameron Russell for Victorias Secret Lingerie February 2013

    Cameron Russell on Being a Model: Genetic Lottery + Legacy

    Cameron Russell gave an interesting TEDx talk. Here are some key takeaways: Image is Powerful. It is also superficial. There is little we can do to improve how we look. How we look, however, has a huge impact on our lives. Pretty white girl = sexy girl (in the modeling industry) Being a model is about a genetic lottery (tall, thin). Being a model is about legacy (being white). Socially constructed concepts of beauty – tall, slender figures, femininity, white skin. She talks about how being beautiful/pretty has helped her in life, from avoiding speeding tickets to getting actual dresses for free when she forgot to bring her wallet. It…

  • Fashion Business

    Dolce and Gabana are Officially Billionaires – The Rise of Fashion Consumerism

    Dolce and Gabana are officially billionaires. This news comes on the heels of Amancio Ortega, the owner of Zara, becoming richer than Warren Buffett and thus the third richest person in the world. The Milan based billionaires now join the elite list of 10 figure net worth individuals. Their fortunes seem to rise, just like Zara, as the economy improves and more and more people are becoming increasingly fashion conscious. May be the internet is partly responsible for making fashion trends and therefore select fashion retailers more trendy or desirable. It seems that in the years ahead, we’ll see a lot of winners and a few losers. As the market…

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    Nissan Teams up with a Fashion Mag!

    Everyone in the fashion world knows the magazine ELLE and everyone has probably heard of Nissan, the car maker. What do they have in common? Nothing really, except they are coming out with a partnership! You read that right, Nissan is teaming up with ELLE to come up with Nisan Micra ELLE. Whether this is a smart move or a dumb move, only time will tell. This is really interesting, nonetheless. Nissan isn’t Ferrari and definitely has to define and carve out a brand and a nice for itself, and teaming up with one of the most popular fashion magazines just might do it. On the surface, Nissan and ELLE…

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    Ford Fusion Fashion’s Night Out in New York

    Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Ford senior designer Anthony Prozzi celebrate Fashion’s Night Out at Ford Fusion’s Eco-Design Pop-up. All New Yorkers know the annual ritual called Fashion’s Night Out where you can try to score some great deals on your favorite brands and all shops. From the biggest chains and luxury department stores in Midtown to the mom and pop boutiques in SoHo, everyone is trying to attract shoppers and customers for a lifetime. Along with all the regular brands, there are some unique events that stand out. Ford Fusion is one of them. It doesn’t typically belong with the fashion crowd, but if you think about it, a car…

  • Kelly Sparkles and Shoes

    Blogger Interview: Sparkles And Shoes

    From her initiation into fashion to sharing shopping secrets of New York, Kelly of Sparkles and Shoes has some interesting things to share. I got to interview Kelly for this blog this Saturday, over brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in the West Village, in New York. Kelly is a recent college graduate from Georgetown in Washington DC and has since moved to New York for her job. Even though her blog, Sparkles and Shoes is relatively new, it is pretty popular already in some niche fashion blog-o-spheres. In addition to being a fashion blogger, Kelly works in advertising, was an avid swimmer through college, loves photography and travel. I recommend…

  • Bernadeth Miss Beatrix

    Blogger Interview: Miss Beatrix

    Miss Beatrixis a blog started by Bernadeth from the Philippines. She’s a tourism student and a part time photographer in addition to being a fashion blogger of course. Her blog is popular owing to her outfit posts and her fashion advice. She has a great taste in skirts and dresses and in her own words, “I am the girl who is more comfortable wearing dresses or skirts instead of pants. I usually get inspired by music videos and paparazzi photos of artists. So weird but yeah, I am inspired by them!” I got to interview Bernadeth for my blog about her journey as a blogger and about her personal sense…