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Webster Hall Event: Girls and Boys Night Out

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As a fashion blogger, I am always on the lookout for events that display a sense of fashion of ordinary crowds. I was excited about getting a media invitation to cover the Boys and Girls Night Out event at Webster Hall on 9/28/2012. Webster Hall is one of the most vibrant clubs in New York and it attracts an interesting crowd – a splendid mix of everything, from the sophisticated to outright weird. Just like New York!

This event at Webster Hall, like most others, was a great hit with the crowds. The club has four dance floors and the music is vibrant and upbeat. If you are looking to have a great night out with your friends, nothing like it. Of course, when you visit a club like the Webster Hall, you want to look your best. There are always interesting fashion patterns at such events. What’s more, it reflects accurately the current prevailing fashion trends of a cross-section of the city.

There are plenty of clubs in New York, but Webster Hall does stand out from the crowd. Their Facebook Page contains detailed events and photos for further reference. I did meet interesting people here – from models to tourists. Yes, as it turns out, Webster Hall is famous in Japan!


The crowd at Webster Hall is always interesting. Realistically, you might not spot current celebrities, but you never know about the future ones! These are some of the few models who regularly visit the place.

Webster Hall Models

And what better way to stand out among thousands of people by wearing a crown with a pink dress! Yes, in a lot of these clubs, it is all about defining yourself and how you’re different from other others, most of whom are beautiful.

Webster Hall Crown Pricess

And yes, it is not just New Yorkers who come here in search of awesomeness but also tourists and visitors. This is a girl from Japan who had heard of Webster Hall as the club to explore the nightlife of the city. That’s interesting!

Webster Hall Tourist from Japan

Although it tends to be on the younger side, the crowd is definitely mixed. Here is a great couple with an amazing sense of fashion – the perfect definition of elegant dressing. What’s more, they both sizzle in white!

Webster Hall Elegant Fashion

The crowd is here to dance. It is a good mix in general.

Webster Hall Crowd

Then again, there is no shortage of talented people in the club. If hula-hoops isn’t your thing, don’t try this out in front of a thousand people, but if you can pull it off, no one is going to forget your amazing performance. What a great way to have fun!

Webster Hall Talent

Webster Hall Talent

Again, it is always interesting meeting people. This girl approached me and said everyone takes her pic, but no one posts it! Well, I promised you that Understand Fashion would, so here’s to you!

Webster Hall Girl

The staff is friendly and nice, from Maxx who was coordinating the event and who provided Understand Fashion access to the club to cover it, to the handsome bouncers!

Webster Hall Maxx

Webster Hall Friendly Bouncer

Overall, Webster Hall is a nice place to have fun, meet people, and explore the nightlife in the city.

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