It’s all about learning from whoever can teach you. I don’t claim to be an expert in everything. Sometimes, it is just better to hear the words straight from the horse’s mouth. I try to give you as much first-hand information about fashion as possible, and what better way to do this than to ask the people who define the trends!

I will regularly do a series of interviews here with experts in the field of fashion. Or not-really-experts but who have something awesome to share.

Interviews with Fashion Bloggers

Interview with Maja of The Mirror On the Wall

Interview with Kate of Beauty in Insanity

Interview with Bernadeth of Miss Beatrix

Interview with Kelly of Sparkles and Shoes

Interviews with Fashion Entrepreneurs

Interview with Olga Pazilova of Nothing to Wear Shop

Interviews with Fashion Models

Interview with Kristina Filippova

Interviews with New York Entrepreneurs

Interview with Javinia Swiatek

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  1. Re: “Learning from [your] whoever can teach you” comment. Though I can appreciate the “Art” and/or creativity that goes into your ads…I pray you consider less provocative shots. Leaving things to the viewers imagination thru discreet and modest dress/juxtaposition could not only benefit you by “thinking outside the box” but would surely gain blessings beyond your imagination by our Powerful Creator. So, since you agree that you can learn from whoever can teach you, I implore for you to sincerely consider these words of wisdom. Just as there is a LARGE market for obese persons, there is an even LARGER market for beautiful, simple modest clothing. I challenge your creativity to do all you can to lead the world in a different direction in ads: less revealing with more STYLE thought provoking fashion. This would result in an actual walk of trusting that our Lord is behind you in bringing you success beyond your wildest dreams. For the greatest example of this, LEARN about King Solomon: the richest and most blessed human ever to have lived in the ancient world due to his doing it God’s way. I would be happy to continue this intelligent plea with you if you so desire. God’s blessings to you! G

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