Interview with Kristina Filippova

Understand Fashion is pleased to feature the lovely Kristina Filippova, a part-time model who is originally from Ukraine and has traveled extensively all over the world. She isn’t a full time model but don’t let that fool you – she’s an immensely talented artist. She is currently in New York and is a student. We catch up with her about her life and passions.


Sidney: Tell us a little bit about yourself
Kristina: I am Kristina. I am a Ukranian student who came to New York City a couple of years ago. And I love to travel!

Sidney: Where all have you traveled to?
Kristina: I used to live in Turkey and then I moved to New York now. In the future, I want to go to Thailand, India and countries of Africa.


Sidney: Which country do you find the people with the best fashion sense?
Kristina: Fashion sense, I think New York City. I could say the US, but specifically New York City.

Sidney: What kinds of fashion differences do you see between New York and where in Ukraine you’re from?
Kristina: New York city, I like to see the fashion as two distinct categories – comfort fashion and high fashion. People in Ukraine care too much about how they look and what they wear. I think they are more stylish than New York.


Sidney: What type of fashion do you prefer?
Kristina: High fashion of course!

Sidney: Pick one thing that you like the most about New York
Kristina: Yellow cabs and night-life


Sidney: You like the yellow cabs of New York?
Kristina: Yes!

Sidney: And one thing you hate about New York?
Kristina: It’s dirty


Sidney: You’ve been in New York for about 2 years now, what’s the one thing you miss the most about Ukraine?
Kristina: I miss the shopping centers. They are huge with everything under one roof.

Sidney: At a personal level, what attracts you to modeling and fashion industry?
Kristina: Nothing special, I just want to try things out. I think it’s fun. I want to get experience and turn it into something fun.

Sidney: Is this something you would consider as a career option or is this just a hobby?
Kristina: No, for me this is just a hobby.


Sidney: Where do you shop in New York for your clothes?
Kristina: Usually it’s different stores. I try to find something special and unique for my wardrobe. SoHo is my favorite place where I shop.

Sidney: What about your accessories and jewelry?
Kristina: They are from everywhere! I bought them in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania from all over the place.


Sidney: Any advice for women looking to be more fashionable without spending a fortune?
Kristina: First of all, people need to find out their style and what they are comfortable with, that also complements their lifestyle and other aspects of who they are. Try to find some clothes that hide your flaws and some that can show the good parts of your body.

Sidney: Any thoughts on the New York fashion scene?
Kristina: I like the women with fur coats and heels and the dresses they wear. I don’t like the many touristy areas of New York though, like Times Square.




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