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Heels and Skirt: A Fashionista’s Guide to Great Fashion

Heels and Skirt
Heels and Skirt: Beautiful, Elegant and Sexy

Heels and skirt are the cornerstone of fashionistas who can make heads turn. Of course, it also means it could be a fashion nightmare when not done well. Here is a quick and great guide so you know how to look fabulous in heels and skirt.

Of course, you could always have one without the other – heels without the skirt and skirt without the heels. However, I believe that heels and skirts make for a very nice combination and a lot of women do realize the power of this combination. Once you realize that certain fashion style statements complement each other, you can use them without thinking much. This means you don’t have to bang your head every time you go out on a date or go out with friends to a club or simply go to a restaurant to have a nice meal. Your heals and skirt will serve you well in almost any situation where you want to look fabulous and fashionable or simply look appealing and natural without looking like a drab.

There are of course several things that you need to take care of before this adventurous journey! The first thing to think about is, are you comfortable in heels? High heels? Now I know a lot of girls like heels but if you cannot carry it well, there is no point in wearing them. Also, you don’t want to wear them if you find it uncomfortable walking. Living in New York, for example, I see my fair share of girls dressed up all ready to go and party who cannot cross the street with their high heels! Trust me, that isn’t as attractive as your drunk friends would make you believe. Always be able to walk comfortably in heels; how long depends on the occasion obviously.

With heels and skirt, remember that it is a time-tested, age-old fashion statement that has never completely gone out of vogue. It does hide in the bushes at times, peering through the grass looking for the right time to be on-stage again and show the world how awesome that combination can be. Your mom probably wore them. Your grandma too. Short skirts and high heels are a good combination when done right.

On the topic of short skirts, short skirts were all the rage in the 60’s in America. Skirts can come in very different forms, from elegant to fun to sexy. Everything from length to material are of consideration when you want to choose the right skirt for your outing.

Heels and Leather Skirt

Heels and leather skirt is a perfect combination for an elegant, upscale, sexy look. Leather always adds to an element of fun and excitement to any outfit. A leather skirt takes it to a different level and is sure to turn heads. Would you not turn back when these leather skirts with heels pass you on the street?

Here are some great ways to go for leather skirt and heels. For a more detailed guide, check out the Leather Skirt Fashion Guide.


Heels and Skirt
Accessories can always enhance the leather skirt look
Heels and Skirt
Blue and black combination
Heels and Skirt
Carrying off a brilliant all-black look
Heels and Skirt
Of course, the white-with-black look!

People tend to get the wrong idea about leather skirts, that it should always be black. That is far from the case. Look at the pictures below for colorful leather skirts and heels that make for a perfect outing combining the elegant with the sexy.

Here is a great looking orange leather skirt

Heels and Skirt
Orange Leather Skirt

and you can always be more creative with a golden leather skirt! Be careful though – you should be able to carry it off. If not, it is probably better to avoid it. If you are going for a golden leather skirt, learn about golden shoes as well.


Heels and Skirt
White on golden leather skirt – if you can carry it off, nothing like it!

Of course leather skirts and heels are only one part of the equation, for a bolder style statement. What do you wear when you want something more casual but obviously you don’t want to look like a slob either. Also, what about wearing skirts and heels for clubs? These are more fun activities and you can choose from a variety of options.

Remember that you need to blend in the colors of your heels and skirt. It doesn’t have to be the same color, but it should be matching. If you are confused about this, think of whether you would wear the skirt color as your shirt/top and the heel color as your skirt/shorts on another day. If the answer is no, probably you should reconsider.

Here’s black on black and black on yellow. Black of course is a common color for a skirt, but you can choose your variations for the heels color.

Heels and Skirt
Can’t go wrong with black!

Of course this is just the lower half – your heels and skirt need to match the top that you pick, and this again brings the dimension of color into the picture. Look  for similar or contrasting colors. Below you can see a white/black top on black skirt and they both look good. You need to pick the kind of look that you want to go for.

Heels and Skirt
White-on-black is another great combination. Watch out for your heel color though!

You don’t however, have to stick with the blacks and whites. After a while, every girl gets bored of these colors! Perhaps you want to try something a little more lively and bright. You can think out of the box – look for purples, reds, oranges, etc. Here is a great purple top that goes well with a black skirt. What would be a great heel color for this outfit? (leave a comment!)

Heels and Skirt
Fun variations for the top

For party looks or specialized theme events, you can obviously be more creative. For such occasions, I would suggest taking a look at your accessories as well. They can refine and redefine your heels and skirt look. Of course, go wild on these occasions even if you think you’ll make a fashion mistake!

Heels and Skirt
Lets Party!

Also, if you just want a chic, outdoor look with your skirt, here’s a good one for you

Leather Skirt Outdoors
Leather Skirt Outdoors on bright sunny day!

Color Schemes

Black and red

Black and red/pink is a powerful combination when it comes to skirts, especially for leather skirts. It’s bold and will make heads turn. You need to be able to carry it off though.

One question I get is whether the top should be black and the skirt red or vice versa. The answer is – it depends on what suits you best. Both these combinations are, in fact, excellent. Check out below –

Black Skirt Pink Top
Black Leather Skirt Pink Top
Black Top Red Skirt
Red leather skirt with black top


 Pure Black

Of course, the classic black top with black leather skirt can always work, although it isn’t going to be as bold as your pinks and reds –

Black Skirt Black Top
Black Leather Skirt Black Top

Or here’s a single piece black top, which is can be quite bold in its own right

Classic Leather Black


Yes, you can get more funky with your leather skirts and spice up some color combinations. For instance, how about this  neon top with black leather skirt?

Neon top black leather skirt

Or how about a red top pink skirt?

Red Top Pink Skirt
Red Top Pink Skirt

Photo Credits: J’s Everyday Fashion, Jemingway3, Leather Fashion Fashionista, Fashionista’s

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