Geek Fashion

Geek Fashion: Clothing and Accessories for Geeks

Geek fashion is the new evolution of our society and our selves. It is an expression of the modern, an expression of embracing change and not being intimidated by stereotypes. Geek fashion takes courage in a world that is cruel to geeks, cruel to introverts and cruel to those who don’t ‘fit in’. Geek fashion is all about accepting who you are and carrying yourself well with that confidence. No, this is not for the weak-hearted but if you have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, this is something for you.

Geek Fashion
Geek Fashion - Making a Statement


Geek Fashion
Geek Fashion on the Streets of London

Photo Credit: jaimelondonboy

There are of course various special events you can show-off your new found knowledge of geek fashion. Think of events like Comic Con. However, you don’t need a special occasion to embrace your inner geek. You can wear the geek look throughout the year. It is a statement of rebellion, in a way, which says that you don’t accept things the way they are and you want a more fair world that treats everyone better. There is no season for that.

As with any other fashion, there are special geek clothing and geek accessories that should help you out on this quest.

For girls, here is a good blog to check out – What Would a Nerd Wear, written by a bike-riding bookworm from DC, as Tania mentions in the blog.

Nerd Fashion Winter Clothing
What would a Nerd Wear in Winter? This!

Geek or nerd fashion is a powerful statement – don’t let your “friends” tell you otherwise.

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