Ford Fusion Fashion’s Night Out in New York

Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Ford senior designer Anthony Prozzi celebrate Fashion’s Night Out at Ford Fusion’s Eco-Design Pop-up.

All New Yorkers know the annual ritual called Fashion’s Night Out where you can try to score some great deals on your favorite brands and all shops. From the biggest chains and luxury department stores in Midtown to the mom and pop boutiques in SoHo, everyone is trying to attract shoppers and customers for a lifetime.

Along with all the regular brands, there are some unique events that stand out. Ford Fusion is one of them. It doesn’t typically belong with the fashion crowd, but if you think about it, a car is definitely in the same theme as fashion – something that defines your styles and preferences. It is a smart move by Ford as they try to gain access to the fashion conscious crowd of New York and want to make their products look ‘chic’ to the crowds.

This year, the Ford Fusion fashion’s night out was at the Gansevoort hotel in the Meatpacking District. The meatpacking district of course is well known for its high-end clubs and fashionistas. Ford was smart to have this right in the middle of where things happen. Quite a few fashion bloggers were invited to the event as well. Even smaller cities have been catching on, like Charlotte’s top Ford dealer, Tindol Ford.

Of course the event was a fashion event because it is fashion’s night out after all. They did it quite well too – for instance, to portray their eco-friendly cars and manufacturing, at the fashion event, they got out the collection of Eco Designers such as Organic by John Patrick.

As fashion becomes more and more mainstream, I see more and more brands that are not directly associated with fashion to jump on the bandwagon. Cars are not what come to mind when you think of fashion, but if you really think about it, they can serve similar purposes. It makes sense for a car company to use an event like the fashion’s night out to implant perceptions. What do you think?

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

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