Apr 042014

Casino Girls 03

A casino can be a fun place to spend the evening. Today’s casinos are often much more than casinos as they provide numerous activities including dining, dancing, night clubs and more. For this reason they are ideal as choices for a night out. Part of preparing for the evening is selecting not only an appropriate outfit but a great looking one as well. With the likes of games like online poker and mobile slots becoming more popular, nothing can beat getting a taste of the real action on a gaming floor. When deciding what to wear, women should choose an outfit that is of the smart casual style.

Casino Girls 01

Smart casual is also known in some locations as business casual. Some women find it easier to decide what to wear by starting with an outfit they regularly wear to the office. For instance, this could be a pant suit. The key is taking one of the pieces out of the outfit and replacing it with a casual item. The best choice is to either switch out the pants or the jacket. Sometimes just changing the top underneath the jacket simply isn’t enough. Some women may switch the slacks with jeans which is a great look for the casino. Another practical aspect of this is that women can easily go from the office to the casino if they don’t have time to run home and change their outfit. On the other hand, the jacket can be removed. A cardigan can be added or even a sweater set.

Casino Girls 02

Accessories are also a must. However, keep them balanced and do not wear too many. Scarves are all the rage right now including the infinity scarf which can come in many different materials, patterns and colors. Long necklace strands are also popular to wear. If wearing a jacket to the casino, a pin on the lapel of the jacket may be a better option. Some people try to put on too much jewelry to look affluent when visiting the casino. This is definitely something to avoid.

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Nov 082012

White stilettos

If after looking at these pics, your thoughts are “the 80’s are calling and they want their white stilettos back”, I am with you. If you’re wondering what the hell white stilettos are doing in mainstream fashion, you know the answer: fashion has a sense of resurrection. White stilettos have long been associated with everything that is wrong with the fashion sense of women and as far from elegant as Pluto (Neptune?) from the Sun. Yet, they are making an interesting comeback.

What comes to your mind when you think of white stilettos? Trashy? Tacky? The Essex girl look (For my non-British readers who don’t know what an Essex girl means, read this short Wikipedia entry on Essex Girl)? Common and unelegant? Well, it is time to change these perspectives.

The Guardian recently ran an interesting article on how white stilettos are back in the fashion world and being endorsed on the red carpet by celebrities. Of course if such a piece comes from The Guardian, can the Daily Mail be far behind?

What do you think of white stilettos?





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Sep 212012

Street style older women

Photo Credit: Advanced Style

Street style for older women isn’t easy to find in the glamorous world of fashion with its “young-waifs” donning the catwalks and product placements. Luckily, the internet has brought its fair share of democracy to this part of our world-view as well. Yes, older women can be beautiful and incredibly well versed with fashion. Better than you could have imagined, in many cases.

Street style is a whole different can of worms, but these elders do it with charm, grace and elegance. The best resource for this is the blog called Advanced Style. It is a complete journey of one man who roams the streets of New York in search of street style fashion for older women with real life examples. It is a great blog that has been covered by some major media but still remains a little on the obscure side. If you are looking for a fashion blog that is different and interesting, this is definitely the one to check out.

There are all kinds of interesting fashion blogs and resources for everyone. All you need to do is dig a little deeper. What gems have you found in this sphere?


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