• Javinia Swiatek Making Alfajores

    Interview with Javi of The Sugar Coup

      Sidney: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. Javinia: My name is Javinia, I’ve lived in a few different places in New York, and I make South American inspired confections for The Sugar Coup NYC. Sidney: You have a very interesting collection of jewelry. Tell us a little bit about where they come from and where you shop for jewelry. Javinia: Thanks! I bought some of the bracelets, mostly wooden, from Hangzhou at Wushan Night Market. Some of the other bracelets were a gift my friend brought from Lahore and others were a gift my cousin brought from New Delhi. I got the pointy wooden…

  • Kristina_Filippova_05

    Interview with Kristina Filippova

    Understand Fashion is pleased to feature the lovely Kristina Filippova, a part-time model who is originally from Ukraine and has traveled extensively all over the world. She isn’t a full time model but don’t let that fool you – she’s an immensely talented artist. She is currently in New York and is a student. We catch up with her about her life and passions. Sidney: Tell us a little bit about yourself Kristina: I am Kristina. I am a Ukranian student who came to New York City a couple of years ago. And I love to travel! Sidney: Where all have you traveled to? Kristina: I used to live in…

  • Olga Nothing to Wear

    Interview with Olga Pazilova of Nothing to Wear Shop

    Olga is a fashion entrepreneur, helping women choose their wardrobe at an affordable price. She runs a successful eBay store  – Nothing to Wear for her fashion collections (this is a reincarnation of Rich and Fabulous store that Olga ran for a while). She was in New York to attend a fashion conference and I was able to catch up with her and chat about her business, fashion and tips she has in these areas. Olga has also recently started her own fashion blog that you should definitely check out for latest ideas and tips on fashion. After all, she knows what she’s talking about! Hope you enjoy the interview…

  • Kelly Sparkles and Shoes

    Blogger Interview: Sparkles And Shoes

    From her initiation into fashion to sharing shopping secrets of New York, Kelly of Sparkles and Shoes has some interesting things to share. I got to interview Kelly for this blog this Saturday, over brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in the West Village, in New York. Kelly is a recent college graduate from Georgetown in Washington DC and has since moved to New York for her job. Even though her blog, Sparkles and Shoes is relatively new, it is pretty popular already in some niche fashion blog-o-spheres. In addition to being a fashion blogger, Kelly works in advertising, was an avid swimmer through college, loves photography and travel. I recommend…

  • Bernadeth Miss Beatrix

    Blogger Interview: Miss Beatrix

    Miss Beatrixis a blog started by Bernadeth from the Philippines. She’s a tourism student and a part time photographer in addition to being a fashion blogger of course. Her blog is popular owing to her outfit posts and her fashion advice. She has a great taste in skirts and dresses and in her own words, “I am the girl who is more comfortable wearing dresses or skirts instead of pants. I usually get inspired by music videos and paparazzi photos of artists. So weird but yeah, I am inspired by them!” I got to interview Bernadeth for my blog about her journey as a blogger and about her personal sense…

  • Interview

    Blogger Interview: Beauty in Insanity

    I had the opportunity to interview Kate from Beauty in Insanity. It is a great fashion blog, but don’t mistake it for an outfit blog alone! Yes, she does post her lovely outfits and she does have a pretty unique sense of fashion, but the blog is much more interesting than that, and Kate isn’t afraid to open up a window into her personal thoughts and feelings. This makes the blog a lot of fun to read and there is usually something appealing to everyone! Kate is from Bulgaria, so I couldn’t personally meet her for this interview, but it was a pleasure communicating with her through emails and she…

  • Interview

    Blogger Interview: The Mirror On The Wall

    The Mirror On The Wall is a fashion blog started by three students about 6 months ago. It is a personal fashion blog that almost seconds as a photography blog as well. It’s success is enviable, with close to 7500 visitors last month alone. There are lots of tips and insights into the lives of these bloggers. I really like the idea of a blog reflecting the thoughts of all three of the bloggers in one place. Another great thing? The posts are written in English and Spanish for a multi-cultural and multi-lingual experience. The blog isn’t a typical run-of-the-mill outfit blog which is nice. There is some high quality…