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    Data Dress at London Fashion Week

    Data dress is an awesome concept originating in the London Fashion Week of 2012. Essentially, the Data Dress is made up of photos taken during the event and woven into a dress. In the age of rapid technological and social changes, it only seems appropriate that fashion should pay a tribute to social media and data. What do you think about the data dress? We generate so many photos of so many events all around us. Wouldn’t it be a perfect commemorative gift if we just weaved together all our memories into the intricate tapestries of our life? May be they should do this more often – create dresses from…

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    Geek Fashion: Clothing and Accessories for Geeks

    Geek fashion is the new evolution of our society and our selves. It is an expression of the modern, an expression of embracing change and not being intimidated by stereotypes. Geek fashion takes courage in a world that is cruel to geeks, cruel to introverts and cruel to those who don’t ‘fit in’. Geek fashion is all about accepting who you are and carrying yourself well with that confidence. No, this is not for the weak-hearted but if you have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, this is something for you.   Photo Credit: jaimelondonboy There are of course various special events you can show-off your new found…