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    New York Fashion Week Spring 2012: So It Begins

    The New York Fashion week has begun, and countless new styles are on display. Yes folks, that also means the summer is over so look for an overhaul of your wardrobe. The New York Times fashion section has a great overview of what to expect and what is to come, what’s bold, what’s hot and what’s trendy. Thoughts?

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    Pink and Pepper Shoes Review

    This Pink and Pepper shoes review is meant as a guide for buyers who want to get the best shoes on a budget. Pink and pepper is fast catching up as a trendy, upscale shoe store that keeps prices in check. Pink and pepper shoes aren’t crazy expensive, but they aren’t $20 cheap either. However, for the value they provide, it can be an excellent bargain for the fashionista who is looking to stand out from the crowd, wear something original and innovative and not spend a fortune. Don’t expect this Pink and Pepper shoes review to be the end of all though, because as a young company, their styles will…

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    Pink and Pepper Grand Opening New York City (NYC)

    Pink and Pepper is having a grand opening in NYC on 6th September 2012! I just saw the flier posted right around my home. The grand opening is at 242 Mott Street in SoHo, which is also going to be the store location. It seems they are still getting things in order there. I think it is a great location for them. For those who don’t know, Pink and Pepper has some amazing shoe collections. Check out the Pink and Pepper shoes on Endless to get an idea of what kind of products they sell (Free 2 day shipping in US, lowest price guarantee. Got to love Endless!). You could also browse through…

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    Leather Skirt Fashion: Are Leather Skirts in Style?

    Photo Credit: Leather Fashion Fashionista Leather skirt fashion has been around since ages. However, most women don’t want to know how good leather skirts were in 1800. They want to know what it says about them right here, right now. Are leather skirts in style? Are they fashionable? What kind of an image do I project with leather skirts? Here’s the answer: leather skirts are very much in fashion today, don’t worry! They can be worn on a number of occasions and you will be happy you found this wardrobe element. You can find celebrities wearing leather skirts on the red carpet quite often, but about regular street fashion? Are…

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    Heels and Skirt: A Fashionista’s Guide to Great Fashion

    Heels and skirt are the cornerstone of fashionistas who can make heads turn. Of course, it also means it could be a fashion nightmare when not done well. Here is a quick and great guide so you know how to look fabulous in heels and skirt. Of course, you could always have one without the other – heels without the skirt and skirt without the heels. However, I believe that heels and skirts make for a very nice combination and a lot of women do realize the power of this combination. Once you realize that certain fashion style statements complement each other, you can use them without thinking much. This…

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    Golden Shoes: A Girl’s Second Best Friend!

    Golden shoes can be the perfect pair or shoes that you are looking for. Gold shoes and black dress? Perfect! Gold shoes and pink dress? Perfect again! Gold shoes can be very versatile, and it appears that many women just don’t see it that way, which is a pity really. After all, how can you look like Cinderella without your golden shoes! Gold shoes are common enough with popular fashion houses and even the more generic shopping centers that you might frequent. Photo Credit: markhillary Golden shoes can look elegant and sexy at the same time. Gold shoes go with everything – just ask Jess Cartner-Morley who writes for The…

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    Cosplay Costume in Japanese Street Fashion

    This is a sponsored post If we discuss about cosplay culture and its costume, it is nearly impossible for us for not discussing about Japan and its role in spreading the viral culture of the cosplay itself. The creativity and fresh ideas about wearing costumes, combined with youth passion to a fictional character in animated movies, altogether create a new culture dominated by the youth and become the most phenomenon culture in the present world. There are many types of cosplay and the amount is not something anyone can ignore. There is always a cosplay type you’ll like, no matter who you are. That’s why people love it, sometimes even…