May 052012

Perfect teenage girls are the ones you see on magazine covers, like Seventeen, right? Wrong! It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Real teenage girls don’t look like what you see in magazines. The truth is pure commercialization – companies want you to think the perfect teenage girls are the ones that appear on these magazines so you can buy their products to hide your “blemishes”. This fetishization of the body and the way you look is at the heart of the money-making beauty business, and it is a pity that it starts so early.

Of course, not everyone is falling for this. There are girls making peace with their bodies and accepting that the way they are is the most beautiful of all. You come across these girls sometimes in your personal life and sometimes in the very magazines that carry the opposite stories about how perfect teenage girls should look like.

For example, a recent article in Seventeen was interesting, providing 15 images of real girls who “made peace with their bodies”. It was interesting in the sense that even such an article that seems to showcase “real girls” cherry-picked what kind of real girls they want you to see! You would think these would be the girls who you meet every day at school and on the street but doesn’t appear to be so. They still have to be thin, beautiful and sexy to be featured on the article. Well, perhaps it is a start, I don’t know!

Real Teenage Girls

Real Girls, featured on Seventeen

But teenage girls need to look beyond. Beyond what is featured in the magazines. Making true peace with your body means if a fairy comes to you with a body of your dream model, you would say no. It isn’t a compromise you make with yourself after giving up.

Real Teenage Girls

Make Real Peace with yourself

I was just reading an article in New York Times about a real 14 year old who is taking concrete steps to move teens away from such media distortions. Particularly, Julia Bluhm is against the flawless faces in Seventeen, yes, the same magazine as above! She is already a blogger at Spark, which is another organization that fights against sexualization of girls. And yes, they pick on Seventeen too! Looks like this magazine is a favorite of all kinds of critics! Now who do you think are the perfect teenage girls – those who stand up against sexulaization of girls or those who embrace it? Your call.

Perfect Teenage Girls

Julia Bluhm - the perfect teenage girl?

Here is Julia’s petition that everyone can sign. According to the New York Times, it already has over 46,000 signatures, and considering the story came out in New York Times, I would assume many more are going to sign it. There are already 52,000+ signatures as of writing this post.

What stand are you going to take?

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Apr 222012

Geek fashion is the new evolution of our society and our selves. It is an expression of the modern, an expression of embracing change and not being intimidated by stereotypes. Geek fashion takes courage in a world that is cruel to geeks, cruel to introverts and cruel to those who don’t ‘fit in’. Geek fashion is all about accepting who you are and carrying yourself well with that confidence. No, this is not for the weak-hearted but if you have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, this is something for you.

Geek Fashion

Geek Fashion - Making a Statement


Geek Fashion

Geek Fashion on the Streets of London

Photo Credit: jaimelondonboy

There are of course various special events you can show-off your new found knowledge of geek fashion. Think of events like Comic Con. However, you don’t need a special occasion to embrace your inner geek. You can wear the geek look throughout the year. It is a statement of rebellion, in a way, which says that you don’t accept things the way they are and you want a more fair world that treats everyone better. There is no season for that.

As with any other fashion, there are special geek clothing and geek accessories that should help you out on this quest.

For girls, here is a good blog to check out – What Would a Nerd Wear, written by a bike-riding bookworm from DC, as Tania mentions in the blog.

Nerd Fashion Winter Clothing

What would a Nerd Wear in Winter? This!

Geek or nerd fashion is a powerful statement – don’t let your “friends” tell you otherwise.

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Apr 152012

San Diego Street Fashion in Downtown San Diego

San Diego, the second largest city in California, has some really fashionable people. No, it is not New York but San Diego has its own charm about fashion and the people seem to embrace who they are. San Diego street fashion will be familiar to anyone who is from San Diego or who has experienced the wonderful city. If you are visiting, don’t let the calm of the day fool you. With perfect weather most of the year, San Diego fashion promises something consistently elegant.

San Diego Beauty

Beautiful View of San Diego

Photo Credit: See Things Differently

On the streets of the city, you will find some elegant fashion from people of all walks of life.

San Diego Street Fashion

Elegant San Diego Fashion

Elegant of course is one side of the coin. What’s the other? Well, hot of course! Yes, San Diego residents can show off a hot body with the right fashion accessories and carry off a look like only Californians can.

San Diego Street Fashion

Hot San Diego Fashion

But wait, no tale of street fashion is complete without its own quirky fashion. This award should go to this gentleman, don’t you all agree?

San Diego Street Fashion

Interesting San Diego Fashion

San Diego fashion is colorful and diverse, just like the city. It has a great night-life, which is always a great time to observe street fashion not just in San Diego but any city. If you want to see the best of what a city has to offer, go hit up the best parts of the city at night and you will get a sense of the fashion of the residents of that place.

San Diego Street Fashion

Ready for the Party Look

San Diego Street Fashion

Right accessories

San Diego Street Fashion

A well dressed group on the prowl at night

San Diego Street Fashion

Dressed to Impress

San Diego Street Fashion

Summer fashion on the streets

Photo Credit: San Diego Shooter

San Diego street fashion is influenced by its climate. Unlike say a city like New York, San Diego is usually pleasant and you won’t find heavy winter clothing on the streets.

The winter clothing in San Diego is light and elegant – no heavy snow protection is necessary but an embroidered sweater will do good, right?

San Diego Street Fashion

Pleasant Winters in San Diego

Photo Credit: FashionStreetSD

What do you think about San Diego street fashion? What do you think about street fashion in general? Which city would you like to see covered in the next edition?

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