Aug 012013

This is the Equinox ad campaign in 2013. Equinox is a luxury fitness company headquartered in New York that has redefined what it means to go to the gym. The club keeps an exclusive, high-fashion image that helps it to maintain quality and prices. No wonder then that they need a great ad campaign to reinforce that image and attract new members.

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Stamina

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Dexterity

Terry Richardson was criticized for the ad campaign in 2012 by the Equinox members saying that the models looked too skinny. It seems that the Equinox ad campaign in 2013 actually took the fitness more seriously. After all, fit is not the same as slim and Equinox obviously know it.

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Stair Master

The themes of fitness, fun and flirtation are all apparent in the ad campaign. It definitely has the fitness part for the purists.

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Knockout

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Propel

The concepts are great and the models look fabulous. It’s a great addition to a fashion photography portfolio indeed!

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Action

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Dominance

Equinox ad campaign 2013 Uplifting

What do you think about the models, photography and the overall Equinox ad campaign for 2013?

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