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Street style older women

Photo Credit: Advanced Style

Street style for older women isn’t easy to find in the glamorous world of fashion with its “young-waifs” donning the catwalks and product placements. Luckily, the internet has brought its fair share of democracy to this part of our world-view as well. Yes, older women can be beautiful and incredibly well versed with fashion. Better than you could have imagined, in many cases.

Street style is a whole different can of worms, but these elders do it with charm, grace and elegance. The best resource for this is the blog called Advanced Style. It is a complete journey of one man who roams the streets of New York in search of street style fashion for older women with real life examples. It is a great blog that has been covered by some major media but still remains a little on the obscure side. If you are looking for a fashion blog that is different and interesting, this is definitely the one to check out.

There are all kinds of interesting fashion blogs and resources for everyone. All you need to do is dig a little deeper. What gems have you found in this sphere?


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Sep 202012

The Mirror On The Wall BloggersThe Mirror On The Wall is a fashion blog started by three students about 6 months ago. It is a personal fashion blog that almost seconds as a photography blog as well. It’s success is enviable, with close to 7500 visitors last month alone. There are lots of tips and insights into the lives of these bloggers.

I really like the idea of a blog reflecting the thoughts of all three of the bloggers in one place. Another great thing? The posts are written in English and Spanish for a multi-cultural and multi-lingual experience. The blog isn’t a typical run-of-the-mill outfit blog which is nice. There is some high quality photography and a natural street-style sensibility to most outfits. There is a natural tendency to make their fashion intuitive and affordable which is a nice angle to cover. Wish them all the best!

The people behind the blog

They all go by the first letter of their names.


The Mirror On The Wall Blogger M (Maja)

Maja is an American student who has lived and worked in six different countries. She is studying international finance and marketing, and has developed a love for fashion after interning at Gucci at age 19. Writing has always been a passion of hers, and she contributes stories to a local Bostonian fashion column. As a result of her upbringing in several countries, she has a profound appetite for understanding different cultures, and tries to infuse this into The Mirror on the Wall.


The Mirror On the Blog Elena (E)

Elena has a dual French and Spanish nationality and speaks four languages (French, Spanish, English, and Italian). She was born and raised in Madrid and developed her love for photography from her father. Since she was very young, she loved styling her own outfits, but it was at age 16 that she really became fascinated fashion. Since then she has been collecting editions of Vogue from around the world in order to get a full understanding of fashion beyond borders.


The Mirror On The Wall Alexandra (A)

Alejandra is a Spanish accounting student, who is also fluent in French, Spanish, and English. When she attended the University of the Arts London summer styling program, she became fascinated with the creative aspects of the fashion industry. She has been learning photography from her father, and her love of the subject has only increased with the blog.

The Interview

I got a change to interview Maja, one of the three bloggers who co-own The Mirror On The Wall. She mostly speaks for all three of them though. Here is what she has to share.

Sidney: Your blog is a really nice mix of the thoughts of all three of you. Tell us more about how you met and how long you’ve known each other.
Maja: The three of us met in September 2012 through an international business school program, where we would all study and work in France for 1-2 years. We became roommates in Paris that January, and started our blog after realizing that we shared an immense passion for photography, fashion, and writing. We wanted it to be a creative outlet for us, and it became so much more than that!

Sidney: Who came up with the idea of a blog? Did any of you blog before?
Maja: None of us had any blog experience before this, so it was a substantial learning curve at first! While I proposed the idea of the blog, it was all three of us that came together in the end and decided to create it. It has been a team effort throughout the process, and this has actually led us to increase our level of creativity! What we wanted to do was create a blog that not only generated fashion inspiration, but also took advantage of our various backgrounds to provide insights about different cultures.

Sidney: In your travels through Europe and US, which city did you find to have the best sense of fashion in general?
Maja: This is a difficult question to answer because all of the cities that we have visited have their own unique and wonderful style. However, in terms of men’s fashion, Rome was definitely a winner because their focus on tailored suits and beautifully crafter leather left us awestruck! For the women, Paris was definitely one of our favorite fashion capitals, emphasizing elegant and classic looks that proved timeless.

Sidney: Where do you personally prefer to shop for your clothes and accessories? Any favorites?
Maja: Zara is definitely a huge favorite because it incorporates constantly changing inventory and really funky items into its collection. Also, it is much more affordable than luxury brands! Additionally, in Paris, we discovered a vast array of vintage stores, which were especially neat for discovering bold retro items distinct from what’s trending at the moment.

Sidney: What’s the future of the blog now that you are in the US and your friends in Europe?
Maja: It is a bittersweet phenomenon that we are separate by an entire ocean, but we are extremely excited to continue posting from all different locations. This will enable us to give readers a broader perspective, incorporating international styles from around the world.

Sidney: Which is the best fashion event that you’ve personally attended?
Maja: Last March, the three of us managed to sneak into the Steffie Christiaens fashion show at Paris spring 2012 fashion week! This was the first major fashion show that we attended, and it was beautifully executed, exuding a cool, funky atmosphere and exhibiting great, wearable looks. Maybe it was the adrenaline rush of getting into the show, or the fact that it was our first one, but this definitely stands out in our memory the most!

Sidney: Any general advice for people looking to be fashionable without spending a fortune on clothes and accessories?
Maja: Truthfully, most of the clothing on our blog is very affordable. We try to take our favorite ad campaigns and looks of them season, and reinvent them in our own way using brands at decent price points. Fashion should not be about who can spend the most money on a particular brand, but rather how well you can put pieces together to create something unique. Zara and H&M are two of our favorites!

Sidney: How would you describe your blogging experience so far?
Maja: Our blog experience has been absolutely wonderful thus far. Not only have we discovered new and creative passions, but it has strengthened our friendship significantly, and leads us to communicate daily with each other across the Atlantic! Blogging has inevitably increased some of our knowledge of the fashion industry and photography, as we constantly try to incorporate something new.

Sidney: Are you happy, overall, with the popularity of your blog? Did the actual performance overwhelm or underwhelm your expectations?
Maja: When we started our blog, we did not expect to get many views at all, so our expectations have definitely been exceeded. We have even developed friendly relationships with fellow bloggers, and hope to continue to grow the success of our blog in the future.

Sidney: What fashion magazines and blogs do you regularly follow?
Maja: The Satorialist is a great and inspiring blog that I look to for daily inspiration. It has a significant focus on stunning photography and street looks so that it stands out from the rest. The author has a different perspective from the rest of the bloggers, and it is what makes this blog so unique.

In terms of magazines, the three of us all prefer Spanish Vogue because it differentiates itself from the rest. It incorporates a lot more street style and places emphasis on creating great looks, rather than focusing 75% of its publication on advertisement. The content creates value for the user and we find it very inspirational.

Don’t forget to check out their lovely blog at The Mirror On The Wall

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Red Open Back Dress at Party

Glamorous open back dress at a party. Photo credit: Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times

Open back dresses can be a great asset for a lady to rock a party. Open back dresses have increasingly been associated with prom, and indeed they can be a great prom dress, but that doesn’t preclude this from being an eye turner at a party or cocktail. The photo above is from a Hermes party before the start of the Fashion Week in New York, which attracts the who’s who of the fashion world. You can easily find open back dresses at any such cocktail event or party and it can be very popular among women who want to carry a classy and elegant look (although you can also don a sexy look with this piece of clothing).

Of course, like any other dress, an open back dress isn’t for everyone. You need to be able to carry off the look. Also make sure the dress is appropriate for the event. It is bold. It makes a statement. It is an eye-turner. If the event you want to go to is a networking event to meet potential future employers, you are probably better off dressing more conservatively. However, if you want to stand out and boldly stand out, the open back dress can be a great tool.

Types of Open Back Dresses

There are several different types of open back dresses. By this, I mean you have the option of wearing it with other pieces of clothing or accessories. You can go dig your wardrobe to find out what else you want to wear and are comfortable with.

Open Back Mini Dress

Open Back Dress

Photo credit: Julie Bridal Shop

This is one of the bolder looks that you can go for. It is a mini-dress, which means it shows off your gorgeous legs in addition to your back. Since your legs are clearly visible, make sure you wear matching heels with your dress, because if you don’t, the combination can be odd and even a turn-off.

Once again, dress for the occasion. This is not a conservative look and you want to turn heads, not roll eyeballs. Since this dress shows a good deal of skin, accessories are instantly visible. If you want to show off your latest bracelet or earrings, this is the perfect occasion to do so.

Here’s another open back mini-dress, this time in black, from the side and front views. This type of a look can also be used for a night-out on town.

Open Back Dress Short Black Side


Open Back Dress Short Black Front

Open Back Prom Gown

Open Back Prom Gown
Photo Credit: NewDresses2011

Open back prom gown is a usually reserved for a very specific event – the prom. However, although the name might suggest that it is a once in a lifetime investment, it is usually not. Open back prom gowns can easily be worn at a cocktail where you want to look more classy than sexy. It is definitely something which shows a lot of character.

These are prom long dresses, which means they cover you all the way down. The only skin you show is your back, so make sure it is well taken care of. Your hair is important when you don this look. Also, unlike the previous case, your legs are covered. This means you can go for more comfortable shoes because they don’t stand out in this outfit. However, long earrings that reach your shoulder certainly do, like the above picture. This is easy to understand – your shoulders and down is what attracts the attention of the eye and your earrings sit right on top of this sweet spot.

Once again, you don’t have to limit this look just for the prom – look for any appropriate event that it might be relevant to.

Open Back Clubwear

Open Back ClubWear

Photo Credit: HereComesTheGirls

This is the boldest look in this category. You can combine your typical clubwear with an open back, to make it all the more sexier than usual. Make sure you’re able to carry off this look and make sure you’re able to handle that extra bit of attention. If you want to really make heads turn and make a memorable impression, go for this.

It goes without saying that this isn’t for every occasion. I wouldn’t even recommend this for cocktails. Just go to the club with your girlfriends and have a blast.

Open Tie Back Dresses

Open Tie Back Dress

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

These are another great category of open back dresses that I classify as “cute”. Don’t be deceived though – they can be as elegant as any other dress you’ve even owned. It can be playful, naughty, classy or sexy depending on the dress. They all do have one thing in common – that cute tie at the back that everyone is staring at and wondering how wonderful it looks!

You can change the level of ‘flirtiness’ of this great dress by choosing the colors well and selecting the right accessories. Earrings and bracelets go well with open tie back dresses. Make sure you’re prepared to sport this look.

Finally, if you just want to make heads turn, you can try the really sexy open back dresses, like the below.

Sexy Street Fashion Naked Back Dress with Short Leather Skirt

What are your thoughts on open back dresses? Do you wear them or dread them? Any other types I am missing here? Love to hear from you!

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Sep 042012

This Pink and Pepper shoes review is meant as a guide for buyers who want to get the best shoes on a budget. Pink and pepper is fast catching up as a trendy, upscale shoe store that keeps prices in check. Pink and pepper shoes aren’t crazy expensive, but they aren’t $20 cheap either. However, for the value they provide, it can be an excellent bargain for the fashionista who is looking to stand out from the crowd, wear something original and innovative and not spend a fortune.

Don’t expect this Pink and Pepper shoes review to be the end of all though, because as a young company, their styles will keep evolving and so will my review. That being said, this is a very good place to start if you want to discover them.

According to their website, “Pink and Pepper are style rebels, never afraid of a little experimentation and always ready to reinvent their look”. I think this is a perfect one sentence summary of Pink and Pepper. They aren’t your run of the mill kind of shoes. They are definitely into experimentation as they suggest here. Even their website is funky and unconventional (although more practically, there is still plenty that can be improved).

In terms of variety, they’ve got everything from trendy heels to fashionable boots, so you can select the style that fits your wardrobe the best. They do have bold styles and designs. They are definitely unconventional. If this scares you, don’t buy them. If, however, you are able to carry it off, whether it be glittery pink with your party dress or looking for a girlish twist to menswear inspired colors and designs.

Pink and Pepper shoes

Some Pink and Pepper shoes that are edgy and chic. Not for everyone, but if you can carry it off, nothing you'll fall in love with them pretty soon!

Pink and Pepper Boots

Some Pink and Pepper boots. Trendy for sure, and perfect for a wide variety of wardrobes.

Pink and Pepper is having a grand opening in SoHo, in New York City on September 6, 2012. SoHo is an excellent neighborhood for such brands to flourish simply because the neighborhood allows for creativity and risks. However, it can also be ruthless. I’ll try to track their progress and report on this.

Pink and Pepper is one of those brands that you’ll either fall in love at first sight or believe they aren’t the right match for you. Either way, they are definitely worth checking out. I am more excited about the future though – if crazy New Yorkers are crazy enough to embrace the bold styles of Pink and Pepper or will it just fade into the background in this ruthless city?

Again, remember that this is an edgy/chic designer label of shoes that can have some people fall in love and some hate it. Which category do you belong to?


Sep 032012

Pink and Pepper is having a grand opening in NYC on 6th September 2012! I just saw the flier posted right around my home. The grand opening is at 242 Mott Street in SoHo, which is also going to be the store location. It seems they are still getting things in order there. I think it is a great location for them.

For those who don’t know, Pink and Pepper has some amazing shoe collections. Check out the Pink and Pepper shoes on Endless to get an idea of what kind of products they sell (Free 2 day shipping in US, lowest price guarantee. Got to love Endless!). You could also browse through their photos on Facebook, the link to which can be confusing to find on their homepage.

Anyway, here is the flyer that was posted on the wall near my place

Pink and Pepper Grand Opening NYC

I also took a sneak-peak at their location on 242 Mott Street. It is a really cool neighborhood, and the sign of Pink and Pepper is already up and ready on the store.

Pink and Pepper NYC

Are you going to attend this event? What do you think about the location – SoHo/Mott Street? Do you ever buy from Pink and Pepper?