May 132012

Golden shoes can be the perfect pair or shoes that you are looking for. Gold shoes and black dress? Perfect! Gold shoes and pink dress? Perfect again! Gold shoes can be very versatile, and it appears that many women just don’t see it that way, which is a pity really. After all, how can you look like Cinderella without your golden shoes!

Gold shoes are common enough with popular fashion houses and even the more generic shopping centers that you might frequent.

Golden Shoes

Golden shoes at H&M

Photo Credit: markhillary

Golden shoes can look elegant and sexy at the same time. Gold shoes go with everything – just ask Jess Cartner-Morley who writes for The Guardian (my favorite British newspaper of course!)

Best Dress colors for Golden Shoes

  • Black – elegant
  • white – angelic
  • navy – sexy
  • beige – playful

Alright, those adjectives may not be the best ones to describe these, but you get the idea! The idea is, golden shoes can go well with a wide variety of dresses. It is all the more attractive when worn with the right accessories – from golden to white to blue.

Golden Shoes

Golden shoes in the street - always an interesting find!

Photo Credit: Ronald Rugenbrink

And what’s more, golden shoes are perfect for both women and men! Well, I am not too sure of the latter and I am not liable for any fashion disaster guys, but here, you be the judge!

Golden Shoes Men and Women

Golden Shoes - who does it suit better, men or women?

Photo Credit: NiceBastard

In fact, a lot of women don’t realize how good golden shoes look. Now, if you are already wearing a golden skirt, nothing is better than elegant golden shoes, right? Of course!

Golden skirt shoes

Wouldn't gold shoes go well with gold skirts?

Photo Credit: Leather Fashion

Golden Shoes on a sunny day

Golden Shoes on a sunny day

Photo Credit: Jeff

Golden shoes are also the perfect party wear. It is a pity not too many ladies realize this. They can display glitter and glamour and you can be the center of attraction in the party. Which also brings me to the shine – stand out with the shine!

Gold shoe promotion

Promoting her gold shoes - clever!

Photo Credit: Leyla

So you wanted to give it a shot and go for a slightly geeky look? Well sure, gold shoes are the perfect companion in this case as well! This is especially if you wear glasses – I think golden shoes are a very good match for all kinds of frames. Look at this elegant girl on a bicycle who looks fab!

Golden shoes for a geeky look

Golden shoes for a geeky look

Photo Credit: juleskills

Shoes can make or break your fashionable look and it is important to choose the best shoes. I am sure the ladies realize this. However, you don’t need to have as many pairs of shoes as the items in your wardrobe. Golden shoes can be your best bet for a number of different situations, from formal to informal, from elegant to sexy.

How do you wear golden shoes? Do you wear them at all? What do you think about them?

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May 052012

Perfect teenage girls are the ones you see on magazine covers, like Seventeen, right? Wrong! It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Real teenage girls don’t look like what you see in magazines. The truth is pure commercialization – companies want you to think the perfect teenage girls are the ones that appear on these magazines so you can buy their products to hide your “blemishes”. This fetishization of the body and the way you look is at the heart of the money-making beauty business, and it is a pity that it starts so early.

Of course, not everyone is falling for this. There are girls making peace with their bodies and accepting that the way they are is the most beautiful of all. You come across these girls sometimes in your personal life and sometimes in the very magazines that carry the opposite stories about how perfect teenage girls should look like.

For example, a recent article in Seventeen was interesting, providing 15 images of real girls who “made peace with their bodies”. It was interesting in the sense that even such an article that seems to showcase “real girls” cherry-picked what kind of real girls they want you to see! You would think these would be the girls who you meet every day at school and on the street but doesn’t appear to be so. They still have to be thin, beautiful and sexy to be featured on the article. Well, perhaps it is a start, I don’t know!

Real Teenage Girls

Real Girls, featured on Seventeen

But teenage girls need to look beyond. Beyond what is featured in the magazines. Making true peace with your body means if a fairy comes to you with a body of your dream model, you would say no. It isn’t a compromise you make with yourself after giving up.

Real Teenage Girls

Make Real Peace with yourself

I was just reading an article in New York Times about a real 14 year old who is taking concrete steps to move teens away from such media distortions. Particularly, Julia Bluhm is against the flawless faces in Seventeen, yes, the same magazine as above! She is already a blogger at Spark, which is another organization that fights against sexualization of girls. And yes, they pick on Seventeen too! Looks like this magazine is a favorite of all kinds of critics! Now who do you think are the perfect teenage girls Рthose who stand up against sexulaization of girls or those who embrace it? Your call.

Perfect Teenage Girls

Julia Bluhm - the perfect teenage girl?

Here is Julia’s petition that everyone can sign. According to the New York Times, it already has over 46,000 signatures, and considering the story came out in New York Times, I would assume many more are going to sign it. There are already 52,000+ signatures as of writing this post.

What stand are you going to take?

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